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Chaparral now available in Mauritius!

Chaparral is the leading manufacturer of quality fiber boats in the United States. They are the visionary producer of futuristic-looking jet boats. These boats are equipped with Rotax Engines which are produced by the World-renowned vehicles creator Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). BRP leverages its innovative and creative mindset to produce the most innovative engines that are used in different industries, most widely known for boating but also in the aviation industry.

Chaparral products have many interesting qualities; they are namely equipped with the best engines on the market but are also jet boats. Therefore, unlike normal boats powered by an outboard motor and a propeller, they move along by squirting a high-powered jet of water behind them. The power of the water squirting backward pushes the boats forward. Aside from all this technical jargon, what this means is that those boats can be used in shallow waters, even in the lowest tides. We all know that the Mauritian lagoon can be very tricky and difficult to navigate through, especially at low tides. Every boat rider knows the fear of hitting their propeller on, what we call in Mauritius, a "coco mort"; well let me tell you that this is no longer an issue with the Chaparral Vortex now available at your favourite marine products expert, Imersea Dealers. Call us now to order your Chaparral Vortex and ride your boat regardless of the tide !

Check this video if you wish to find out what makes a Chaparral Vortex unique:

Some pictures:

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