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Rigging: 150 HO G2s on Cheetah 30ft

Here we go, may the installations begin!

We proudly installed one of the first 150HO G2s at our Factory, Imersea Manufacturing, last week. We were very excited to rig these beauties on one of our Cheetah 30 footer. The engines look great on the catalog but, truth is, they are even more outstanding in reality!

The ones in the video are equipped with Dynamic Power steering (DPS) which gives the driver smoothness and great sensibility when steering. The driver can choose steering mode between low, medium and full steering assist. There is no more oil tank inside the boat - oil is filled within the engine with a capacity of 10 liters which can last 50 hours. The Evinrude G2 also comes with a digital display. The customer can choose between 3.5” screen, 4.3” or 7” touch screen. We were very satisfied with the quality and response of the touch screen. The display offers a wide range of options to the driver such as fuel display, trip, fuel economy data and much more!

The Evinrude G2 is also equipped with “I-trim” which assists the driver in trimming the engine. I-trim trims your engine to give you the perfect bow angle and also improve fuel consumption.

We look forward to test drive them. We will keep you updated!

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