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1. Fibreglass thickness

The Focus hull and deck are hand mould with multi-layers of fibreglass mat. We don’t compromise on thickness, on particular areas such as the qeel, there are up to eight layers of fiberglass mat.

2. Transom

Made from a mix of the highest grade of marine plywood, epoxy and multiple layers of fibreglass mats, our transom can support the heaviest loads

20190211_084017 (2).jpg

3. Hull structure

We take the time to handcraft the whole hull structure, the skeleton of the boat, to obtain the highest level of toughness and durability.

4. Focusing on the details

We ‘Focus’ on the small details as every one of them is important. We allow ease of access to every technical component such as electrical harness, engine accessories, and stainless steel hardware. 

Our construction method not only guarantees toughness and durability but also the ease of maintaining your boat throughout the years.

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