The Focus hull base has been taken on the Cheetah 30ft designed by Legasea Ltd many years ago. Legasea Ltd is one of the oldest boat manufacturing companies in Mauritius.  After many years of experimenting with their hulls, they reach an excellent, well-balanced hull design.

We fine-tuned Legasea’s hull to perfection by doing divers modifications such as the extension of lift rails, redesign of the sideline, creation of swim platform, increase profile height and size reduction to 28’ footer.

The deck has been designed by us. We made sure to place aesthetic, comfort and security in the centre of our design spiral. The Focus is therefore a combination of a proven successful hull and modern deck design.

We made sure the pilot console delivers all the important features such as storage, easy to access panel switch, drink holders, instinctive access to all engine instruments by keeping a modern and stylish look.

When finalizing the prototype and before creating the fibreglass mould, we focused on the little details such as creating a mirror finish on every surface, creating shapes that will enhance the character of the boat, improving the efficiency of construction and so much more! The deck has been painted in black to allow the appearance of small defects to be corrected.